When you call our office, our office staff will speak with you to see if an initial evaluation will be helpful.

First appointments are 60 minutes for adults, 75 minutes for adolescents. Follow-up visits are generally 25 minutes long. Please call our office for fee information.

I do not accept insurance; however, I will provide you with a bill that you can file with your insurance for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine what they will pay, as I will be considered an “out-of-network” provider. Payment in full is expected at the time of service unless other arrangements are made.

My schedule is more similar to a therapist’s schedule than a traditional medical doctor. I anticipate starting and ending our appointments at the time scheduled, I do not “double-book” patients. Occasionally an emergency with another patient may delay our meeting time, but this would be rare. Please cancel or reschedule an appointment with at least 24 hours’ advance notice, or the full fee will be charged. The registration packet under “Forms” will explain my policies in greater detail.

I am not in the office every day. However, I do check my voicemail every business day. On the weekends and holidays I will check the voicemail occasionally, but will generally not return a call until the next business day unless a call is urgent.

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